Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Starting Season 2019/2020

Well we are back!!! And have been back for a couple of weeks. I have been criticized by one of my family for not blogging... and although I have lots of excuses... fact is, I've not been blogging. Too much to do and not very good internet.

I arrived at the boat on November 10 and began the "putting together" that happens after the "taking apart" in the spring. Airing out, canvas, sails, maintenance projects to get the boat to a stage where it can be launched.

A rhinoceros bird mistook our cockpit for his outhouse.
Our chariot awaits
Fridge isn't running so it's dinner at "Ounces."
Stuff mostly put away... almost time to launch
Murphy the Dinghy ready for launch
Warren supervising
Doing these things on the hard is not very much fun and so it is great when you can get out on the hook in the breeze to do the final set-up chores.

To my great relief, Warren arrived just as we were to launch. Once we were in the water we were able to turn on the fridge so we could have cold beers to cool us down as we continued the readiness activities.

Great to have another body to wrestle things around. George and Mike arrive in a few days and we will quickly get ready to move the boat north.

More to follow...

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