Thursday, November 28, 2019

Saint Croix... maybe?

So we set out in the evening again and once again, the winds were kind of goofy. Turns out we just had to get clear of the island before we ended up with a northeast wind. That would have been fine for Saint Croix but it meant a beat to weather to get from Saint Croix north to Puerto Rico the next day.

It would have been nice to show these guys Saint Croix... a very beautiful harbour in Christiansted that not many get to see. But not so nice to endure the trip north into the wind so we headed instead to Saint John. I've cleared in there before and knew the drill. Hard to find a spot to anchor in a very tiny, crowded commercial harbour. Not really looking forward to it.

We got into the east side of Saint John at Lamshure Bay around 7AM and took a mooring ball to have a rest, coffee and some breakfast.

Fancy Hilltop Saint John homes

Modest bungalos
Coming around the corner at Little Saint James (owned by the late, notorious Jeffery Epstein) we made the decision to skip Saint John and instead spend the night in the marina at Red Hook, Saint Thomas. Marinas have showers... that made it a no brainer.

Customs and Border Patrol, Red Hook

Cleared in and spent a nice evening ashore - went to a "not yet meeting expectations" restaurant for supper and had a look around. There is a charter boat operation there that specializes in Island Packets so Blue Pearl was quite at home. Nice place to spend some time.

American Yacht Harbour - with SHOWERS!!!
Around the corner into Charlotte Amelia Harbour

More of CA Harbour - Pam and I stayed in that place up the hill many years ago

Lookin' out the kitchen window

Warren and the Symphany of the Seas!
We cut our time short so we could enjoy an extra day in Culebra or Puerto. Off in the late morning for a quick 18 nautical miles to Culebra!!!

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