Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Back to Antigua... and beyond

Our week in Deshais was terrific! We ate at the great beach restaurants, took the bus to the local super markets and enjoyed life on the boat in France!

We wanted to show Cate the “Super U” supermarket, so we left Sid on Quest to fix problems and headed off to Sainte Rose. We caught the wrong bus and ended up in the middle of the town.. missed the “Super U” completely. BUT!!! Thankfully, I am completely fluent in French and I was able to determine that there was a Carrefour nearby and that we could get our rabbit pate and other necessities.

Nice day, early evening… but not completely fulfilled. So… next day we headed out to find the mystic “Super U.”

Took a different bus and “viola!” there it was. More pate de lapin than you could imagine. Along with fromage, baguette, champignon et beaucoup de vin... we were in heaven.

I love France!!!

Wait, this isn't the Super-U

Is this the bus to the Super-U?

OK... nice afternoon at anchor in Deshaies

Dammit.. I'm going to recycle

Mr. Bo Jangles comes for a visit 

But the weather was giving us a window to get back to Antigua for our flights back home to Canada. So, in the morning, we set off to Antigua. 

Not enough wind so we motor sailed…
Great wind so we stopped the motor and sailed…
Too much wind so we reefed mail and jib
Not enough wind so we motor sailed…
Great wind so we stopped the motor and sailed…
Too much wind so we reefed mail and jib


We dodged a number of squalls… just in front of us… just behind us.

We were less than a mile from our anchorage when our own, personal squall hit us. We headed up into the wind, dropped all our sails and got absolutely drenched. Perfect when you think about it. All our salt from the trip was washed away. Nice and clean.

So we cleared in, a little sad that we had left our buddies from Quest behind.  Anchored and started to get the boat ready to leave for a trip home. So back in Antigua we were able to get some things we were low on... like drinkable rum.

Getting provisions

Murphy got hurt in Nevis

But Pam fixed him back in Antigua

Looking for a good shelling beach for visitors

Good shells?

Limin' Time Sid showing off his new guitar

Quest Sid fixing the lube on Murphy's lower end

Bo joining us for a beach party

Tres elegant

Beach blanket bingo
But to our surprise, after a couple of days… Quest sailed into the harbour. They’ve had some changes and decided to come back to Antigua.

So we’ve enjoyed time with them and Sid and Peggy from “Limin’ Time” and now we are settling in for some time at the dock while we come home for Christmas.

Pork chops avec apple cider... Randy's original recipe
Last night on the boat and I’m trying to make sure there is nothing perishable left on the boat… like alcohol... and rabbit pate.

Does it get any better???