Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Irma and Blue Pearl

We don't normally blog in the off season but this is out of the ordinary.

We watched into the evening as Hurricane Irma bore down on Antigua. At the 11th hour... about 11 PM Pacific time, we saw a slight shift to the north and Irma veered off, the eye passing about 40 miles from the island. As the evening went on we saw wind reports from Barbuda peak at about 118 MPH before registering calm. The calm was a cruel trick, the wind instrument had simply ceased working.

This morning we learned that Antigua was largely undamaged. Lots of flooding and debris but not much else. A spokesperson from our boat yard reports that there is no obvious damage.

Not so on Barbuda, Saint Barts, Tortola and points west. So much damage.

Irma - a beast

Paraquita Bay, Tortola before

Paraquita Bay, Tortola after

Bearing down on Fajardo, PR
We were lucky. Wishing others in the path all the best.

Glen and Pam, Blue Pearl - at home safe and sound.