Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cruising with Burnsie

Sailing the Trade Winds on a well found boat in the Caribbean is heaven on earth. Living on your boat on the hard in the Caribbean with no power, no water and worst of all no ice... is not.

When Burnsie said he wanted to come down with me to splash the boat I was beside myself. Big strong guy with skills... we'll get the boat in the water right away and then off we'll go to the French Islands to buy some French wine, cheese and kangaroo pate.

We were hoping for Friday... even though we weren't really ready. That didn't work. They work hard here on Saturday but it wasn't to be... even though we were really ready.  Church on Sunday so not much going on. And now we find out that Monday is VC Bird Day. So, "NO LAUNCH FOR YOU."

We've done a ton of boat jobs. Removing and replacing our Airmar/Garmin depth sounder was a bear. The adhesive holding the old one in was really good. Which I suppose is a good thing. But not when you are taking it out.

Ripping the place apart to install the new transduce

Looks so elegant from the outside

Cruising Dining


Painted up and ready to go

Our chariot awaits.
"The Lady at the Market" restaurant in Parham

Hiking to Deep Bay
But it's out and the new one is in. Over the past few days we've wired up the new one along with the new GPS antenna. We've replaced some door hardware.

Janini from Just Canvas is replacing our dodger and connecting parts. Hoping that she will be done soon. What she has done so far looks fantastic.

We are really hopeful that we are in the water tomorrow. We can cool down the fridge, load up with beer, get the sails on and make sure all is sea-worthy. We'll only have a few days to check out our favorite Antigua Anchorages.

Blue Pearl Inc will have to offer up a compensatory cruise for Burnsie sometime when we don't have to do boat maintenance.

Anyway, I guess this is cruising... fixing your boat in places where parts and services are not ideal.

OK... Late breaking next day update... WE ARE FLOATING!!!

Checking us out!

Ready for the lift


And we're in at the dock... with power!!!

More excitement to follow!!!