Friday, November 29, 2019


The sail to Culebra was nice... at first. Got a little lumpy a couple of miles out as a result of some huge rollers roaring in from the Atlantic. We arrived in the daylight, which is always nice and navigated the bouys in behind the protective reef. Took a couple of tries to anchor... not sure why... but we were finally able to settle in.


Clearing Customs is interesting. Even though we had cleared into the USVI, PR makes you clear in again. And Culebra is considered part of PR. So we used the new CBP Roam app which has all our information pre-loaded and after a time we were able to phone in and talk to an agent. Despite the fact that we are all NEXUS "Trusted Travellers" we were required to go into the CBP office in the airport.

But we were cleared in... just no Cruising Permit. So we cruised into the Dinghy Dock and had a light supper.

Ensenada Honda

Dinghy Dock Bar Restaurant

I wish I had ordered the ribs

Nothing left but bones

The next morning we had breakfast at the Pancakedeli and then rented a golf cart to get around. The Cruising Permit took forever. The agent had to fill out multiple forms by hand, which makes you wonder about the level of integration of the new Roam app.

Took the obligatory trip to Flamenco Beach. Then had a pleasant drive around the island looking for places to watch football. There was none so we retired to the boat for the evening.

Breakfast at PancakeDeli

Cruising Permit

Flamenco Beach

Ensenada Honda vista

Boat Penne - yum
Next morning saw us up anchor and head around to the Canal de Luis Peña Marine Preserve. The last time we were there we saw hundreds of turtles. Sadly, this time we only saw one big one, along with some fish and a stingray.

So that's Culebra... onto Sunbay Marine in Fajardo, PR!

Onto Fajardo

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