Friday, November 29, 2019


So here we are! We traveled from North Sound Marina in Antigua to Sun Bay Marina, PR... a total of 233 nautical miles.

The trip from Culebra was quite short... only 18 miles. We did it with one fewer crew member... Otto the autopilot kicked out. That's going to hurt.

Carmen from Sun Bay was very helpful with directions and soon we were tying up at the dock.

We knew we were near Fajardo 'cause we had just enough food to reach Fajardo... and we were out of food.

So we marched up the hill to a nearby hotel and enjoyed a display of billiards and a dinner with beer.

Next morning we made arrangements for a car and headed into Old San Juan. It's a great place and really needs more time than we had... but pretty cool nonetheless.

Hardware/Cafe at Sun Bay

Floating boats and stacks of boats

Cruise ships in OSJ

Pigeon Park

Sea faring men 


Sheep statue?

Morro Fort

Salty Crew

So that's the end of the epic voyage. We came back to the boat at Sun Bay. Ate our last pork chop dinner on board. Had a good sleep, a great breakfast and shower in the morning.

I dropped them at SJU, looked the other way... looked back and they were gone like Captain Rons.

Drove back to a quiet and roomy Blue Pearl.

Great adventures.

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