Saturday, November 30, 2019

Single Handed

I thought I would get a ton of things done when I got back to the boat after dropping the crusty crew off at the airport.

I bought a grease gun and gave a half hearted attempt at fixing Otto's rudder-reference-unit. That didn't solve the problem so I put a few things away, tidied up a little and napped until dinner - a leftover pork chop, of course. Read a little after dinner and was asleep by 8:30.

Next morning was another matter. I repositioned the boat at the dock a little as it was bumping the anchor against a shore locker.

Set about putting more things away to allow for a good interior scrubbing. The 3 able seamen who are home out of the heat arranged for a cleaning lady to come in. How nice.

Now that the aft cabin is no longer George's bedroom it becomes the garage in which to store all our stuff that has been cluttering the rest of the boat.

Installed the temperature sensor on the new Victron inverter/charger and put a check mark against that job. DONE!

Had to do this with photos and by feel. Hard to get in there
Put the panel back on the AC electrical box so that's another job completed.

Spent a couple of hours trouble shooting Otto but that didn't yield any thing positive.

Next day I returned the car and wasted time while Juanita cleaned the boat. Had a chicken quesadilla at the snack shop. 

Lunch - yum
Did a little more investigative work on Otto with disappointing results. Put away more stuff, did some trouble shooting on the fridge. Installed a new starter relay. Arranged for a rental car for Pam's visit.

New starter relay
Shower sump pump has given up the ghost. Time to dive back down into the bilge.

Lots of things to fix... but I'm a machine! And I'm on the boat in a place with services and easy access to parts. 

Yay Fajardo!!!

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