Thursday, March 21, 2019

Home for the Summer!

Well this is it, Faithful Reader.

Without Pam or guests, there are no photos. I will have to run around tomorrow and take obligatory snaps of this and that.

I've installed the new windlass and readied Blue Pearl for the summer hurricane season. At each step you wonder if what you've done is good enough. But at the end, you cross your fingers and hope for the best. I remember one of our coaches saying before a big game, "You prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

So that's it for this season. We loved showing Brad and Kim around Antigua, Deshaies, Les Saintes and Dominica. Brad treated us to the best birthday cake in Deshaies. Kim had the almost best snorkeling experience ever.

And then, when Brad and Kim left we were blessed with a visit from hearty sailors, Mike and Char. Same trip in reverse. Great hikes in the ruins. Many, many sundowners. And I was able to convince Mike how wrong he is in most of his politics! I forget who won the crib tournament. And we survived a lumpy trip from Deshaise to Antigua.

And then the Terrorist Invasion... Lucy and Jackson and their mother Jen kept us busy exploring, tubing, swimming, beachcombing, hiking, fishing and story-telling. Jen tells us that when they left her little army was conspiring to see how much it cost to get back to the boat and how old you need to be to fly on their own. Heartwarming to know how much they love their time on Blue Pearl.

After a few days bobbing around in Antigua my wife left me. It was sad but I soon forgot the pain of separation with a visit from old friend (but not so old) Bruce. Caught no fish but scared many. And we've certainly cleared up many of the issues dogging our old shared occupation. The world according to Glen and Bruce!!

I've had a few days to fiddle around with chores... and now it's time to get home to enjoy spring with friends and family in the Fraser Valley.

What a great life. What a great boat!!! Love this Blue Pearl.

Early morning haulout, courtesy Odie

Looking north out of the haulout well

My early-to-rise line handlers Barry and Steve

Lots of cats getting repairs

Murphy off - ready for storage

Packed up inside

Looks like a disaster... but it's all strategic

Zipped up, ready to leave
My overnight layover spot in Calgary - Thanks YYC

Look what's going on at home - grandkids at golf lessons


  1. I may not comment often, but I always enjoy reading your blog. Great job, enjoy the spring and summer We hope to share a few harbors next season.
    Hayden.....arriving St. Thomas today.

    1. Very much looking forward to anchoring close enough to enjoy a sundowner together next year!

  2. Too bad you don't know anyone in Calgary and had to sleep on a couch!! It was a great trip down this year and I always enjoy following your adventures through the blog.


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