Thursday, November 27, 2014

In the water!

I get it now why Pam thought it was a good idea for Steve and Stu to help me splash the boat.  It is hot, dirty, ugly work and all you want to do is have another beer and go for a swim... and pay someone else to do the work!  Good play, Pammy!

The boat was particularly wet inside this year.  There is a leak somewhere and water collects inside during the summer rains, damaging the teak and leaving a mess.  I think it is coming in from the propane locker although we've looked and looked for the area of egress without success.  Need to fix that.

Anyway... WE'RE IN!!!  And parked in our favorite slip at Le Phare Bleu Marina.

I spent our first day here putzing around on the boat while the mangy crew abandoned me and went off on a tour of the island with Cutty.  They've returned with wonderful stories and two bottles of questionable rum thanks to our buddy, Cutty.  There might be a photo of a monkey sitting on Stu.

The monkey is the one on top
There are a million jobs involved in getting the boat ready so it is particularly frustrating when things that used to work just fine don't work anymore.  The last thing we need now is more jobs.

The water pump won't shut off until the breaker snaps so I'll have to swap the pump out for a new one.  The shower sump pump always acts up so we will continue to put up with that.  Having had the rigging replaced means that all of those things like flag halyard cleats, SSB antenna connections, wifi mounts which hung from the rigging have to be put back in place.

Got the main on... phew!
Anyway, enough whinging... I'm in lovely Grenada with good friends and things are great and soon Blue Pearl will be back in peak form and we will be off to invade other unsuspecting islands.

Look out!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Home for the Summer

Highlights from our time back in Canada...
  • had a spring visit from our daughter and grand daughter from Edmonton
  • bought a new car
  • cheered on our eldest daughter in her ultra-marathon (84 km over 3 days, ugh) near Calgary
  • visited Tyrell Museum (amazing dinosaurs, many millions or... wait a minute, really? only  6 thousand years old?) with son after seeing his apartment in Calgary for the first time
  • journey through our past visiting family and driving past our old houses and schools in Alberta and Saskatchewan in previously mentioned new car
  • visiting our youngest daughter and her daughter at their home near Edmonton
  • lots of golf
  • boat projects
  • house projects
  • vintage computer projects
  • sports car projects
  • lots of time with great old friends (I mean long-time friends... but some of them are quite old)
  • lunch with team mates and coach from high school football team
  • pig roast in our back yard with 80 wonderful friends and family
    Pig Roast
  • a visit for Glen to Germany to attend a family history seminar and visit WW I sites in Belgium
  • a quick family trip to Vancouver Island to see sister, brother-in-law and Mom
  • two weeks in Maui with daughters, son, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren
Our kids... so proud! 1993 and now.
Man... I'm bushed.  Looking for some respite from all the action.  Need to get back down to the boat!

I (Glen) am down with 2 friends, Stu and Steve, to put the boat in the water and get it ready for Admiral Pam.  We'll do a shakedown cruise up to St. Lucia and pick Pam up there.

So, here we go...