Thursday, March 31, 2022

Heading Back to the Islands!

Putting together a little pre-Antigua blog post to try to remember how to do a blog post. Write some text, throw in a couple of photos and hit the publish button, right!? I hope so.

There are a lot of things besides blogging that have faded from short term memory over the past few years of lockdown and travel restrictions. Like, do we have rum on the boat, will the varnish need to be completely redone, will it float, will the engine start, are the solar panels working and more and more. Lots to think about. 

What is this thing and how does it work?

We are hoping to get into the water quickly and then stay close to services and amenities while we complete what we expect to be a long list of maintenance items. We should try to clear out of Antigua to get to one of the nearby island-nations. We are supposed to do this every year to get a revised and renewed cruising permit for Antigua. We've booked our flights in and out of Antigua to allow for 6 weeks of work and fun. Normally we are headed home at this time to enjoy the BC blossoms and daffodils but we are taking advantage of this first opportunity to travel safely to the incredible Blue Pearl.

Looking forward to some sailing fun before returning home for the summer.

Cheers for now!

This will be us soon!!!