Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Rest of the Crew arrives

There are always things that used to work when we put the boat to bed in the spring that don't work when we launch. This year it was the reliable Yamaha outboard that has always started on the first or second pull. This year it ran rough at the beginning and then quit entirely. Turns out the magneto was shot.

So that's great. Mike and George are arriving this afternoon and we have a rowboat to pick them up.

Luckily, the folks at North Sound made room for us at the dock so the rest of the crew could board easily.

After the crew was settled on the boat we set off for a Falmouth/English Harbour adventure... with a stop on the way at Seagull Inflatables. They have always provided excellent service so I stopped in to ask their advice. They took the motor for inspection while we went on the Middle Ground Hike.

Checking out the view at Falmouth
Warren with Freeman Bay in the background

Scaling down to English Harbour
Mike calling home
Happy crew... and a beautiful new Yamaha 15.

A couple of hours later they called us to say that the repair would be $500 or $600 for parts plus service. And the motor is 15 years old. So I bought a new one!! Hope Pam likes her Christmas gift.

As soon as she is cleared from Customs we are off on an overnighter to St. Maarten.

As soon as it is on Blue Pearl we are off to SM


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