Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Closs Excellent Antigua Adventure

It is eerily quiet on sv Blue Pearl. The Closs's are gone and Pam is not speaking to me. I'm guessing she will when she wakes up.

It is blowing like stink... gusts up to 30 knots so we are not even thinking about moving. We were concerned about getting the Closs's off the boat to their taxi but Murphy the Dinghy was up to the task. It went smoothly and they were whisked off to the airport. Their plane was 2 hours late when they flew in but it looks as if Air Canada has them on their way ahead of schedule. We're hoping they have a good flight to Toronto and then a smooth transition to their late flight back to Vancouver. Pretty good... leave here in the afternoon and sleep in your own bed that night.

We've had a lot of fun.

Snorkeling - and with Uncle Brad's Go Pro!!!

Checkin' out the anchorage

Outta my waaaayyy!

Swabbie Jack

Been a long day

Looking for that perfect shell

Beach fun

Jumping in off the side of Blue Pearl


This is way too much fun to be safe

Leave a rope and a block lying around and you get kids hoisted through the hatch


More hatch climbing

Lucy monitoring a large Frangiapani caterpillar

Down time.


Hmmmm... need to cool off.

Got to catch dinner

Back to the boat after a hike up Fort Barrington

Gran spend a ton of time teaching the kids to play different kinds of solitaire and even started them out on rummy.

Our friend Martin from Germany left a fishing rod on the boat a few years ago because he ran out of luggage space. We put a spin cast reel on it and both kids learned how to use it. THANKS Martin!!!

We read books and listened to exciting bedtime stories. Even watched a couple of movies.

So... not a bad week enjoying the fun and sun of Antigua.

As we were waiting to get ready to load up Jen overheard Jack and Lucy conspiring. They decided that they should use some of their savings - "It's only $400!" - and come back down by themselves.

I'm not sure about that... but it is great to hear that they love their time on Blue Pearl!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

What to do without guests?

So what to do without fun folks visiting us on Blue Pearl?

We've been napping, reading, eating, drinking and doing boat jobs.

I sand and clean the teak

Varnish mixing station

Varnish artist Pam applies the varnish

All the tools necessary to replace a broken hatch slider

Watching crazy stuff on You-Tube
Mexican Salad with Chicken and Avocado 
Pretty boring stuff. But the weather is here, I wish you were beautiful. Very nice to spend time on the water, around the beautiful beaches of Antigua.

We went into Jolly today to drop off laundry and fill up with fuel and water. Back at Hermitage we continued with Marie Kondo type stuff - might throw out a towel we bought in 1998! And even though we only had 58 hours on the engine since our last oil change - it was almost a year ago so I changed  the oil.

I'm enjoying a nice glass of scotch, courtesy of Mike and Charlotte and waiting on another gorgeous sunset while wondering how Jack Reacher is going to get out of this last debacle alive.

Our pace of life is lovely and slow!