Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Warm again

We are full of turkey, booze and eggnog.  (No mincemeat - what's wrong with our family?  They don't like it.)  We had our fix of grandchildren every day for a month.  All of our kids were home for Christmas.  Just an awesome December!

So now they are all back to their regular lives full of work, family and school... and we are back to play.  Went from this...
With friends at Chatham Bay, Union Island... doesn't get any better
to this...
Oh gawd... I hate this stuff!
to this...

Fridge is on... Caribs are cold!

Now... to get back to Grenada we left Abbotsford at 3 AM to Vancouver, through Houston to Fort Lauderdale.  Overnight in a cheesy hotel near FLL then expensive rental car to Miami for our trip to Port of Spain, Trinidad to spend New Years in yet another cheesy hotel.  The final insult was a 4 AM wakeup on January 1 for our 6 AM flight from POS to Grenada.  When we got to the airport we could see that our plane had arrived but it was taking forever to get the folks off and get it ready for us.  Turns out someone was dying to get to Grenada... and did... die right on the plane.  So that meant a huge delay while they found us a new plane.  Not a great New Year for that poor soul.

Naturally our ride from the airport wasn't there so after waiting a while we took a taxi.  George from Survival Anchorage was there to pick us up and deliver us back to the beautiful Blue Pearl.

We could have flown direct from Seattle to Miami and then direct from Miami to Grenada getting in at 8:30 PM.  How boring!  Glen's brilliant travel planning makes all trips more interesting!

We had a nap on Blue Pearl and have now moved over to Le Phare Bleu Marina where we will install our new windlass motor and gearbox in preparation for our trip up the islands with the Keys.

Look expensive?  You're right!

Who cares?!  We are in Grenada, getting ready to extend our Caribbean cruise.  Woooohoooooo!

Happy New Year from Blue Pearl!!!

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