Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heading north

View from Fort George
The Carenage... from Fort George
The Keys have had a chance to enjoy Grenada, but with their time with us slipping away we decided to head north in less than perfect conditions.  We bounced and bashed up to Tyrell Bay, Carriacou and jumped in the water to wash off the salt.  An obliging rain cloud came by to wash down Blue Pearl as well.  We spent a quiet evening evening on the boat, enjoying one of Pam's dinner creations and watched a movie.

Next day, after a short walk we went to the Slipway for lunch.  The Slipway is an old slipway... a place to haul boats with all the assorted boat machinery integrated into the restaurant.  There is a table made from a combination planer/saw just beside an enormous band saw.  The bar itself is made from an old thickness planer.
Pam's Tuna Salad - fabulous
Wine cooler

Their food is fabulous and reduces your need for a big dinner... but we had a big dinner anyway.

The next morning we checked out and came round Carriacou to Sandy Island... normally a nice swim stop but the wind was howling and it wasn't very inviting.  We crashed across to Clifton to check in.  Everyone gritted their teeth for the 1.5 hour washing machine experience.

There is a lot to hate about Clifton harbour.  The tiny harbour is crowded with reefs and boats ranging from relics to fantastic cruising boats. Boat boys dart under your bow, trying to get you to take one of their moorings - twine tying a bleach bottle to a sunken sewing machine.  Failing that they try to direct you to a spot so they can collect a tip.  Over the years we've anchored thousands of times - but these guys think we need their help because we are suddenly inept.
George and Deb in Clifton
After clearing in and an obligatory beer at the internet bar, we jumped back on Blue Pearl for a 3 mile run to Mayreau.
At anchor in Saline Bay, Mayreaux
The weather is settling down so we are looking forward to our travels through the Tobago Keys, Bequia to St. Vincent.

Left = soursop  right = sourpuss
The white stuff tastes great!  Spit out the seeds.

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