Monday, January 27, 2014

Back in Bequia with Macdonalds

Lots to talk about...

After dropping the Keys we waffled about going into town and looking around - but in our case the best decision is often no decision.  So we hung around and then turned around back to Bequia.  Spent a nice couple of days doing little jobs and errands.  Ran into Richard and Jan on Morpheus and had a reunion in the grocery store.

Daffodil Services

Watch Glen create another diesel spill and wipe out another species
On Wednesday we zipped back the 8 miles to Young Island Cut.  Calvin (Kalvin, Kelvin, Celvin?) made it clear that it would be better if he brought Don and Pat to the boat - and of course tip-wise for him it was much better that way.  So Don and Pat were delivered and we enjoyed beers and a nice lunch prepared by Chief Cook Pam.

Forgot their names...
Boat gifts
After lunch we set out with a fully loaded Grande Heffe purse to the grocery store to load up for our trip back south.  Spent most of it on significant numbers of Diet Cokes for Don.

Had a lovely tour of St. Vincent the next day with our guide Christopher.  (Annoyingly, Glen kept calling him Chris although he emphatically introduced himself as Christopher.)  We were quite impressed with the agriculture.  In Grenada the crops seem to be intermingled but in St. Vincent there are discrete plots of bananas, coconuts, callaloo, etc.  It seemed much more organized in St. Vincent. Some of the roads were quite spectacular - 2 feet over the wrong way and you are over a cliff - first bounce at about 500 feet.  Don wore a blindfold for most of the trip.

We are conflicted about St. Vincent.  We had a lovely time, met lovely people and yet we are told that St. Vincent is to be avoided.  And this is from fellow SVGians on Bequia.  We met a sweet family at a restaurant - Mom, Dad, two beautiful little girls.  They initiated a conversation over the restaurant tables and were very interested in Canada.  They own a local bakery and we told them we would visit them when we were provisioning.  So, after our tour we stopped in and picked up some pasteries and bread.  They were overjoyed to see us... like old family.  And still, folks say, "Don't go!"

Formidable Fort Charlotte

Don't screw with us!

Black sand beach up the east coast
So we don't get it.  It's dangerous... but it doesn't seem to be.  I guess until it happens to you.

Anyhooooooo, now we've got the Macdonalds!

Nice sail back to Bequia.  Glen has brilliantly diagnosed the problem with Otto.  He needs a stint.  Otto must have blown a seal so we need to remove the hydraulic ram and replace the seals.  In the meantime, we can continue to refill the hydraulic fluid in the resevoir and Otto will perform... and drip hydraulic fluid into the bilge.

Had a little tour and some beers at the Whaleboner.  We are going to get to know them better.... we like it there.

Whaleboner... nice!
We were just in time for the Bequia Music Festival. We attended a live afternoon jam concert at the Bequia Beach Hotel (looks to be upscale) on the other side of the island (Friendship.)  Had some great food, many beers and enjoyed many groups.

Enjoying the concert at the Bequia Beach Hotel
On Sunday we attended the finale which included 5 or 6 terrific groups.  The place was packed and the atmosphere was electric.  Pam and Pat commented on the Rum Punches.  Apparently there was plenty of rum and plenty of punch.  All of which made for an early night.  We availed ourselves of 4 roadkill dinners - 2 ribs, 2 chicken so Glen is completed.  Didn't seem like we did much all day but we are beat so early to bed.
Kids were terrific


Little buddies

One of the awesome bands


little friends
The weather might keep us here for a couple of days.  Dang!  More beach bars, crib, sundowners... horrible....


  1. You are doing a fantastic job on your blog. I read every one and I really enjoy your photos and stories. Thank you do much for taking the time to share this adventure, we are following.
    Hayden and Radeen, Island Spirit 35

    1. Thanks, Hayden. We are loving our parallel universe lives (up there and down here) and it's fun to share with family and friends.


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