Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Briefly in Bequia

We've come back from Canada with coughs we can't seem to kick so between guests we are just taking it easy - Glen is drinking a lot of cough medication (aka rum.)

Just as we were getting ready to leave Young Island to head back to Bequia we heard a loud bang behind us and looked up to see that the lines holding 100 foot Seawolf had parted and it was adrift heading for the rocks.  We couldn't raise Seawolf on the radio but someone on shore responded and soon there was a rescue party trying to re-attach Seawolf to her moorings.  All very exciting and Seawolf ended up back on her mooring as we motored out.

We passed the island/rock with Fort Duvernette perched on the top.  Very impressive that the French were able to get cannons up there.  They were originally installed to blast the Black Caribs who were retaliating against the French for trying to drive them out.  In the end, the Black Caribs were all gathered up and sent to Honduras.  Probably ended up getting kicked out of there later on, too.  These damned indigenous people are so troublesome.

Fort Duvernette - see the steps up the left side?

We didn't put up much sail coming back even though it was a perfect run because the winds were up and quite variable.  So we had a gentle but fun crossing... until we were in the last mile and all of a sudden the waves were 12 footers.  They were well spaced so we glided up to the top and then lost sight of everything as we plunged down into the troughs.

Blue Pearl plowing through big waves

Just then, this crazy man came roaring up in his dinghy pointing a rocket launcher at us.  Wasn't frightening though - we had met Kenmore Henville last year and learned about his photography business.  He meets boats coming in and shoots several photos.

Otto has been on vacation so we were hand steering.  In order to get some good photos, Pam raised our jib... on her own... as Glen hand steered us over the waves.

We planned to go over to see Kenmore today to buy the photos but at 7 this morning he came by with a sample photo and a sample disk of all the images.
Ain't she sweet

All sails up... might not be perfectly trimmed


6 knots with reefed main and staysail

We are out of cough medicine so we are heading in for that and some other things.  A couple more days of laying about and then we head back to Young Island Cut to pick up Don and Pat.  And to start another of the adventures aboard the sailboat Blue Pearl


  1. Loved the pictures of Blue Pear in full sail. She looks even better passing by than being on her. Hope the coughs disappear soon. We will be following your journey with Don and Pat.

    Happy Sailing.


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