Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chillin' in Grenada

We are getting to know Grenada... hanging around and visiting in advance of our "family and friends" visit home for December.  We finally cut the docklines and headed over to Mt. Hartman Bay.  We've checked out the marina here, taken dinghy rides to Hog Island, Woburn and Le Phare Bleu to visit and explore.

The lady near Nimrod's Rum Shack makes the most unbelievable Lambi (conch) lunch for just 15 EC.  She probably held back on the most important secret ingredient but she gave us the basics so we are going to experiment with our own lambi when we return in the New Year.  We think she was flattered that we liked it so much.

We went to watch the cat races in Clarkes Court Bay on Saturday.  There were 8 teams competing and we saw most of the races... very exciting with a lot of armchair skippering going on.  The management of Le Phare Bleu sponsored the race and pulled a barge over for the comfort of the spectators.  Very impressive how Le Phare Bleu engages with the community.

Bit of an accident... no fear... we have duct tape!
The Grenada Chocolate cat
The Le Phare Bleu spectator barge and bar - 5$EC Caribs
Not sure who won... or if anybody cared.

We had anchored snuggly in to the shoreline, Bahamas-style to get out of the swell.  This morning we got hit by a squall (They come on you fast and they leave you fast, Boss) which swung us quite a bit to the north.  There was a mild bump and we realized that we had moved over a rock... and it was about 4 feet deep.  So we made a slight correction and all is well.

It's been raining a lot today so after a visit to the Secret Harbour Marina Jumble Sale (sailors trying to sell their extra boat crap) and between showers, we took a hike over to Prickly Bay Marina,  Missed the short-cut coming and going.  Other than that it has been naps and books.  Might watch a movie tonight.

We will be moving again in a day or so.  Time to find a good spot to tie up for our trip home.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

A cashew... who knew?  No wonder they are so expensive!
Watching the Grey Cup on Blue Pearl... Yeah Riders!

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  1. Nice! In the water and all things work, must be nice. We're still at Stuart,FL. Much work done, but a couple of major projects left. Solar array happens this week, 420 watts. 400 watt wind generator on now. Honda still humping the big load, as we're on a ball. SSB is dead, a BIG deal. Waiting to see if a local electronic guru can save us. Cate bought a guitar. Big brother, Bill from Memphis arrives this week for a short visit.
    Bahamas for Christmas is our goal. It's nice here, but getting itchy to go. Kasidah here.
    Enjoy the rum.


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