Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cow Heel Soup

We have been busy as beavers (very Canadian) getting Blue Pearl ready - ship shape you might say - for George and Deb's visit.

Stuart from Palm Tree Marine came over and repaired/replaced our windlass so we are able to raise and lower our anchor.  That's a good thing.  We changed the gas pigtail so now we can get propane from both cylinders and the gas doesn't leak out anymore.  No explosions for us, thank you very much.  Glen replaced the impeller in Yan Diesel, although it looks like it might have been good for another year or two.

Old one on the left still had 5 fins left
Pam went nuts and cleaned the boat, inside and out.  Clean sheets for our guests, wiped all the wood down and cleaned up after Glen.

Windlass back and beautiful
George and Deb were dropped off at the marina after an eventless trip through Customs and Immigration and we enjoyed too many beers until too late in the evening, forgetting that our guests had been travelling for 24 hours without much sleep.

They didn't make the call for breakfast but after a good sleep-in they were ready to go so we dinghied over to Woburn for a lambi lunch and beers from Nimrod's Rum Shack.  But alas, there was no lambi so instead we had a lovely lunch of Cow Heel soup and hamburgers.  Cow Heel makes us smile - it's close to Pam's pet name for Glen.

Look at those cow heels floating in there...
Cow Heel Restaurant
We arranged for the Pan Wizards to play a private concert for us on the dock near the boat which was simply amazing.  These people are unbelievable and it was a wonderful way to enjoy a beverage as the sun set.  I wonder if you can find them on You-Tube?  I'm going to look right after I post this.

The Pan Wizards perform right on the dock!
Pam is cooking up a storm - I think we are having marinara sauce over chicken breast and pasta.  Tomorrow we have arranged a historical tour of Grenada and we have made arrangements to move the boat around to Port Louis Marina so we can provision for our tour up the islands.

We are hoping that the weather cooperates... but while it is blowing uncomfortably out there, we are enjoying showing our guests around this cool little island.

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