Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Comin' Home for a Visit (and I said Alright!!!)

Hello Again Dear Reader,

We are doing last minute chores prepping Blue Pearl for a short stay-cation while we come home for a visit. Uber to SJU at noon AST and we'll climb into a bed same evening at midnight PST. Nice!

On the 27th we saw this strange apparation in the sky. Turns out it was Mr. Popular's SpaceX rocket delivering more StarLink sattellites into space. Wow!

SpaceX in Florida

We've been enjoying the amenities of this place. It is quite spectacular and caters to folks who have lots of disposable income! These boats that come past one after the other are VERY expensive. And they are just boats for running about.

Many, many expensive boats!

And this is a fairly small one with "only" 2 engines.

Down our "Dock 8" We are in a slip waaaay at the end.

Couple of Grady Whites with beastly engines.


Neighbour with his toybox open

Washrooms, showers and meeting room complex that was turned into St. Hogg Marina for Captain Ron

Everywhere we walk we see young men in snuba gear scouring the bottoms of the boat. Same thing for topside cleaning. It is constant.

Snuba Diver Down

Out for a beach lunch?

We've meet some lovely cruisers. A newly retired liveaboard couple, Andy 1 and Kristi on a Cabo Rico that they are retoring for ocean crossings. Also Heejung and Andy 2 on a nice Farr... doing a practice run from Annapolis to Saint Lucia. Practice for next year when they undertake the World ARC. Wow!

So we're home for a short visit and then John Burns is coming down with me for a salty adventure. We will do a 500 mile run to Great Inagua and then shorter passages up through the Bahamas to southwest Florida. Pam plans to rejoin Blue Pearl once we are moored at Stuart Florida to help prep the boat for summer storage in Indiantown. We've been down in the Caribbean for more than 10 years... it's time for something different!


  1. Then you will be just regular Land Lubbers! The photo of the Space X Rocket is amazing!!!

  2. Great posts from a grand adventure! I’ve just caught up on a month of missed posts, and really enjoyed the ride. Myles

  3. Great catching up on your grand adventure!! Myles


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