Monday, March 27, 2023

Fajardo to Matthew Town, Great Inagua

 Hello Faithful Reader,

We had some glitches on our way down with airline schedules and related changes so our idea of leaving really early seemed out the window. Mike got there before John and I and figured out that he needed to be responsible for shopping. Which explains why we have so many Hostess Twinkies. When Uber failed to deliver him back to the boat from Ralph's he explained his problem to the produce guy. And the produce guy drove Mike back to the boat and refused any compensation. There are some lovely people in the world.

I've got a trusty crew of salty sea-dogs to help me sail the boat back to Florida. I've known John and Mike for many years and I value their experience and friendship. So nice to spend time with good people.


Yes, it was a long trip. We've had time to exchange grooming tips, talk about winning in the stock market, why certain politicians need to clean toilets and many other important topics. 

The nights are challenging. We've been doing 2 hours on and 4 hours off. There isn't much sleep on the 4 hours off due to the banging and crashing and weird noises. And our conversations during the day keep us from napping so that needs to change. Less talking, more napping.

Supper in a YVR lounge

Yum! Toronto breakfast

Houston lunch


San Juan Sunset

Cruise ship

OK. Just a little bit of fun.

We caught a Blue Marlin on our second day. The line whizzed out of the reel and I worried that we would lose it. It was spectacular watching it leap into the air trying to shake the hook. As I watched its frantic attemps to free itself I realized I was rooting for the marlin. It would have been a gong show trying to get it onto the boat and then process it. But more than that, we saw a magnificent animal trying to survive and we were just fishing for something to do. So you will be pleased to know that the marlin won - but now he's going to have to explain to his mother why he has new hooks and bling attached to his cheek. I wish him all the best.

Inagua lighthouse

We've had contact from relatives and friends in Matthewtown who've been great about information on docking and making arrangements for things. We look forward to lots of activity tomorrow.

And after 4 days and 3 nights sailing we arrived at dusk to tie up and get some well earned rest.  Five hundred miiles at 6 miles an hour! A quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trip's over.

What will tomorrow bring?

All the best... and fair winds!

Captain Chaos


  1. I am so glad that you have finally accomplished your dream of taking your (our) own boat named Blue Pearl to Inagua where the dream started. Pretty cool! Thanks to all of the relatives of Miss Pearl Ingraham and Berlington and Irene Saunders who have taken an interest in your pilgrimage to Inagua. Very special! Pam

  2. What an adventure! Pretty cool to bring Blue Pearl into Inagua after all this time!

  3. I have loved the thrill of catching a fish while sailing but I think I was hoping for the marlin too! They are so beautiful!

  4. A marlin!! Mom’s meatloaf probably tasted better anyway.


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