Thursday, March 30, 2023

Points North

 Hello Dear Readers,

We've roared 170 miles north to Clarence Town, Long Island and tied up at the Flying Fish Marina. This gives me a chance to reflect a little on our short visit to Matthewtown.

There was no parade or joyous celebration - all my people are gone. But everywhere we went we ran into folks with shared memories which was wonderful. Neicy Saunders was our virtual guide, giving us directions and pointing out folks who knew my folks. She guided us into the basin Monday night via social media and was there in the morning to say hello on her way to work. She was also there to wave us off when we left Tuesday morning. Thanks Neicy!!!

Hello Great Inagua Light

Looking out to the rolly anchorage

Miss Pearl's AfterWork Bar

View from the Light

Trusty Crew

Cracked Conch at SnL

Foundation from my old classroom

Elementary school across the street

Looking for a lost shaker of salt?

At the end of a long day we retired to the Blue Pearl in preparation for our trip up to Long Island. We had a few beverages and celebrated a successful day of touring. 

I remember when the school year came to an end in 1978 Pam and I had an important decision to make - stay for another year or go home. We had staked out our positions and were at an impass. We were sitting on the dock, staring silently at the water when the Harbour Master swam by. The Harbour Master was a huge hammerhead shark that patroled the harbour and ate the odd unfortunate dog who was having a cooling dip. After yapping excitedly to each other about having seen the legendary Harbour Master we got up and walked to a nearby phone booth and made preparations to return to teaching in Canada. So, that's that.

Decision Dock

More exciting news soon from Clarence Town!

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