Thursday, February 23, 2023

Puerto Rico Problems

 Hello Dear Readers,

We are in Puerto del Ray Marina (also now called Safe Harbour) tied up to an amazing dock with wonderful staff, great shower facilities, a super admin team, laundry, restaurants, stores... in other words, heaven! Apparently there are 2000 other boats in here with us!

Lotsa boats on Dock 8

Had terrible internet in Culebra so just catching up.

After the BVI we sailed 32 nm to Culebra and camped out for 5 nights to find PR accommodation. 

Sopers Hole, BVI visitor

Hibiscus on the way to CBP in Culebra

Our Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) folks in Culebra were unexpectedly friendly and helpful clearing us in and even knew the difference between a "Decal" (for Americans) and a Cruising Permit (for all nations with a bilateral agreement like Canada.) So that was nice.

Transient moorage is really challenging. Most marinas don't even answer their phones. Others have outdated info so no way to contact them. San Juan Marina is rennovating so they can't accommodate. Puerto del Ray advised us that accommodation was limited and didn't give us much hope. So we were prettly glum as we considered out limited options.

So, as much fun as it is to be in Culebra, we were in a bit of a funk.  Seemingly no hope of finding a place to leave Blue Pearl in Puerto Rico while we made a short trip back home to hug grandchildren. Took the same photos as the rest of the world of the stars but this one is better than any of ours.

Moon and planets

Thank goodness the Dinghy Dock opened after a seemingly endess weekend. Pam accuses me of always having menu-order envy. Never happy with my meal when it arrives. But after Mike ordered the ribs 3 years ago on our golf-team voyage through here, I was on a mission.

Mike's Ribs 2019

Glen's Ribs 2023

I was so full I had trouble sleeping that night. Pam had the much more modest, but still huge tuna on spinach.

Mmmmm healthy!

Sopers Sunrise

We were relieved that PdR found a spot for us so we set out this morning to cover the 20 plus nm, arriving around 2. Along the way we spotted whales furiously slapping their tails and fins. Might have been humpbacks but who are we to know one whale species from another?

Arrived to the most helpful dock guys we've had and I masterfully guided Blue Pearl into her berth. I'm pretty sure Pam was impressed!

This is the video of us coming in to dock at Saint Hoggs - aka Puerto del Ray!

Our north-most cruising limit from our insurance company is Puerto Rico so I asked about a rider to complete our trip to Florida. They said, "NO." Flat out. So if we leave here to the north we are uninsured.

So that's what we are working on now. Insurance. Or Not? So many challenges, not so many solutions.

Who knew this was going to be such a PITA?

Wishing you all well from the balmy breezes and gentle waves of the Caribbean!

1000 nm at 6 knots!


  1. Thanks for the Captain Ron video. It is hilarious. We'll talk when you get back. Good luck on the repairs.

  2. Amazing as always! Loved the video.....I want to see it all again someday!


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