Friday, March 31, 2023

A Not-So-Good Turn of Events

Well, we survived some earlier glitches but we seem to be in a bit of a pickle.

Coming up from Antigua, Pam and I noticed a slight engine heating issue which we chalked up to some maintenance we had done before we left. Did a little fiddling and things seem to right themselves. Same when the trusty crew joined me in Fajardo. A slight problem on the first day but becoming an issue as we passed north of Puerto Plata. We made the decision to turn into PP but then rationalized that we might be dealing with a "false positive." That is, the indicator was indicating overheat but the warning buzzer had not yet sounded. To cut to the chase, we've definitely got a problem and we are in a queue to get the attention of master mechanic and friend of Vancouver, Les Harding. We are in an expensive marina (US $160 per night,) Les is busy for a few days, and we've run out of time to get the crew back to Florida for their flights home.

So lots of time trying to find flights - arrghhhh.  And lots of time trying to coordinate repairs. So, in the meantime, we've set out to explore Long Island with our new best friends Steve and Jane from Alma - a Texas built Valiant 40. We've rented a car and today we checked out the Deadman's Cay Airport, Seaside Restaurant and Conch Bar and finally Dean's Blue Hole.

Leonard show us his banana trees

Hamilton Caves

Blue Pearl Crew

How to feed an Osprey

Making conch salad

Swimming in Dean's Blue Hole - 700 feet deep

Beach Walkin'

Fearless crew

We are waiting for a call confirming Mike and John have a flight off the island. Then we can relax and enjoy our last few days together. Also waiting to find out the extent of the damage to Blue Pearl and when we can get moving north to Florida. 

All coming in the next installment of the Continuing Adventures of the Blue Pearl!


  1. Smiling in the face of proofs of Murphy’s Law. Good on you! Myles


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