Sunday, April 2, 2023

Les is More!

 Thank you for tuning in again, Faithful Reader!

The universe is unfolding as it should. The crew has found safe passage home to loved ones and appointments. Blue Pearl's repairs are proceeding well and we should be operational tomorrow!

We left the lovely but expensive ($US 160) Flying Fish Marina yesterday and tied up at the functional ($US 8) government dock. We called Les Harding, who long time readers might remember from February 2011 to see if he was available to have a look at our problems and the next day he was at the boat. He poked here and there and snooped here and there and then said he was tied up with some important jobs but would be back in a couple of days. True to his word, he arrived back, diagnosed the problem and removed our troubled appendix/heat exchanger.

Perfect spot and only $8

Not again!

He said maybe today but probably tomorrow.

In Surgery

Post Op
This guy is a master!

So tomorrow we can start the engine again! Yay for Yanny Yanmar. I can't heap enough praise on Les. He is humble but brilliant and puts his customers' interests to the forefront. THANKS LES!!!

Getting the crew out has been challenging but we finally found a path from here to George Town and on to Seattle and Bellingham. We've had to charter a flight but that will give the guys a chance to see the scenery in a way that most people will never get. And after an hour wait they will be on their way home.

I am deeply indepted to them for crewing with me from Fajardo to here - the grunt work of this delivery. They unfortunately miss the Exumas and the Gulf Stream sleigh ride fun part - but can claim to have delivered a boat from Puerto Rico up to the Bahamas - not a small task.

We've been having some fun. Steve and Jane have been partners in the rental car and we look forward to another day with them. They are on their way to Bermuda, Great Britain and then maybe Iceland and Norway. Wow!

Date night for Jane and Steve off Alma
Who has a dinner jacket on a boat? Steve does, that's who.

Drinks with Sir Creeper and Alma (Creeper, I know, right?)

With a day off today and choosing not to go to church we set out for Gordon's Beach which, rumour has it has conch fritters and salad, cold Kaliks and a brilliant beach. And wow, what a nice way to spend a few hours.

Gordon's Beach Hut

A cool dip

Burnsie, somewhere in the distance

So here for another day and then the crew is on a plane. Once I'm back at the functional Blue Pearl and have wiped the tears from my eyes I will figure out how to finish this delivery. Fun, fun, fun!

And so it goes. Thanks for sailing along!

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