Saturday, January 12, 2019

Les Saintes

After leaving Deshaies we stopped and had a nice swim at Pigeon Island. Brad got some cool footage on his GoPro of the schools of fish along the shoreline. Not sure how to embed that in the blog. I might try later with better internet.

We stayed the night at the foot of Guadeloupe to stage for our 7 mile run over to Les Saintes. It can be a real bitch getting over there and we didn't want to do it later in the day only to find that the mooring balls were all taken.

So we set out in the morning and it wasn't terrible. It wasn't great either but we didn't get soaked - thanks to Janina's new side curtains and we got there early enough to have our pick of the mooring balls. Went ashore to reserve a scooter for the next day so Brad and Kim could explore the island.

Brad's sunset art shot from Basse Terre

Swabbie at the helm

Les Saintes church

View from our anchorage

Another sunset anchorage - at Les Saintes
Next day we launched the scooterists and then did a little provisioning. There have been frequent squalls during the day and so we were wondering how the bike gang was doing. Turned out they had been able to avoid most of the bad stuff and just parked in bars when things got wet.

Picked them up around 3 and checked out to be ready for Dominica the next day.

Brad and Kim took this shot from a place I'd never climb. See the airport on the right?

Swabbie enjoying his Accras on their island tour
Looking over Les Saintes
Who's having fun?
From the fort

Cute couple at Le Chameau - see the airport over Brad's left shoulder?   
These two are good company. AND, they actually can read their novels as we bounce through the waves. Pisses Pam off. 

See you in Dominica!!!

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