Saturday, January 5, 2019


Well, we're in France. Deshaies, Guadeloupe to be exact.

Nice to be here - but getting here was like riding in a washing machine.

Since my last post we had a few nice Antigua anchorage days. We spent 2 nights at Hermitage Bay, visiting Deep Bay for a hike and some beach time. Had some time to do some shelling and explore the Hermitage Bay Resort beach before checking out at Jolly and heading over to Carlisle Bay to stage for our trip down.

Unscheduled time
Murphy and us from Brad's vantage in Deep Bay

The people on this yacht have been staring enviously at us

Out exploring Carlisle
Charming couple on Carlisle beach

Beauty boat at sunset

A photo of me taking a photo of them
We've been experiencing some not-normal weather. Lots of clouds, one completely rainy day, squalls and then blazing sun. Some extra wind, too, which adds to our stress level when contemplating a day of sailing.

So we crossed our fingers and set out from Carlisle at about 8:30. We made good time (6.5 hours) doing the 41 miles - but it was crazy sailing. Reefs in both sails, then no reefs 'cause the wind disappeared. Then reefs again 'cause we were getting knocked over. Otto the autopilot decided to go on strike so that meant someone at the wheel the whole time. Our new side curtains from JustCanvas in Antigua (Yay Janina!!!) kept us mostly dry but the helms person got soaked.

So we got here kind of beaten up but happy to be in Deshaies. And... we got a nice squall just when we got in so the caked salt got all washed off. Bonus!

When you get squalls you get rainbows.
Swabby at the helm

Didn't catch a mahi on the way so...

Leffe beer!

Ouassous au lait de coco 

Tomorrow we'll head south to swim at Pigeon Island and overnight at Basse Terre. Then onto funky Les Saintes. Definitely need to rent a scooter there to tour the tiny tourist island. After too much fun here in France we'll head down to Dominica for a brief visit before Kim and Brad head back home.

More later! Thanks for reading.


  1. Looks beautiful, sounds windy, sounds challenging as well. Of, the rough life of the cruising sailor. Fun fun fun times. Lifetime memories.

  2. Nothing it too challenging for veteran sailors like Glen and Pam. So cool to see Brad and Kim exploring the areas with you. Still remember visiting many of the beaches with you and George, as Brad and Kim are doing. Enjoy your time.


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