Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Brad and Kim explore the Leeward Islands

Happy New Year!

Last we chatted, John and I had put the boat in the water... more or less functional and then left it at Jolly Harbour Marina for a 2 week trip home for Christmas.

Well, Christmas is over, my belt is out one notch and we're back on  Blue Pearl. Pam loves the new canvas and gave me a C- on boat preparation... so I'm pretty pleased. Didn't expect such high praise.

We've emptied out 2 maxed out suitcases but after 4 days there is still a lot to put away. I'm not sure how long we can continue bringing down all kinds of crap and still not have everything we need on the boat.

The trip down is a root-canal-like ordeal. No fun. You know it will eventually end but you get numb-butt on 2 relatively long flights... and arrive sleep deprived. Kim warned us that she doesn't work well without her beauty rest but so far she hasn't bitten anyone's head off. Still a little worried, though.

We did a little shopping at the Epicurian after our arrival on Sunday. Sure is great to just walk over from the dock. Got some dinner, wine, ice to cool down the fridge and then retired to an early evening on the boat.

Left for Falmouth on Monday so we could be there for New Year's Eve. We actually made it to midnight local time. There is little photographic evidence of our party... but it involved heavy drinking, lots of bubbly, goofy hats and noise makers. At one stage someone (might have been me) thought it would be a good idea to try our conch horns. Turns out we are all bad... Brad is the least bad at conch horns.
Leaving Jolly

New Years Eve Sunset in Falmouth

Happeeeee Neeeeew Yearrrrrrr!

Whoop whoop
Brad and Kim did the Middle Ground hike today from Falmouth to English Harbour and we had a great lunch at the Copper and Lumber Restaurant when we met up after their hike.

Blue Pearl down there somewhere

Art shot - Carl the Cactus with Freeman Bay in the background

Brad and Kim and blurry Freeman Bay

Freeman Bay


Larry Lizard
We're back at Five Islands tonight for internet... looking forward to a couple of quiet beach days before heading south to Guadeloupe.

Such fun!!!


  1. Fantastic and congrats on getting back onboard! We will get back there someday soon. Feb? March? April? One of those months. Thank you for the blog post, its enjoyable to follow.

  2. Sorry we missed you during your two weeks at home. We were busy with grandchildren and a week in Sechelt. Will be busier in June when #3 arrives. Love the pictures. Deborah and I just relived the hike at Falmouth through Brad's pictures. Beautiful. Looking forward to the Guadeloupe pictures.


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