Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Between Fun Folks

Another quick post!

Since arriving with Brad and Kim, Pam hasn't had a chance to do what she does best... cleaning. I'm not standing in her way. So, between B&K and Mike and Charlotte, she's been polishing, waxing, washing, putting things away, ordering me around. It's perfect.

We brought down a part for Mike and Robyn on Mermaid last year and they promised us a rum punch for our troubles. But we weren't able to get together then so they were in debt to us for one significant rum punch. WELL, we've run into them and have had a chance to collect. We had a super island tour with B&K, Mermaid and Blue Jacket and after the tour Mermaid arranged for us to come over for payment. Nice night.

Busy Pam

Big Sail visitors

Show off

Ross Medical School - or at least it was - sign's gone

Red wine alarm has been going off - Pam's dealing with it.

Lunch next year

Osborne, Mermaid and our old friends Southern Cross IV at the Green Bar
Osborne told us about enduring Hurricane Maria. The patio roof went first, then the roof of the house. He and his son prised up some floor boards and moved underneath the house. The land crab that lived there and normally terrorized the kids welcomed them and they spent 5 hours in a truce as the hurricane pounded them.

Pam's kitchen window

Only 16.65 $EC

Now that's a rainbow

Buzzing around like mosquitos trying to save a drifting yacht.
We brought some things for Shania
You might remember Jason, Chanty and Shania from last year. They spent 5 hours of Cat 5 Hurricane underneath the collapsed walls of their house. We met them through our friend Raquel and brought them a few things after the storm. Shania is pretty cute and exactly the same age as our granddaughters Chevy and Lucy so we picked up a few extra things at Christmas.

Fun to meet up with them today to deliver.

Beers with fellow cruisers at Madiba's tonight
Bracing for the Mike and Char storm tomorrow - got lots of fun plans for them. Better get to bed!!!

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