Saturday, January 12, 2019

Dancing, Diving, Touring and Hiking - Four Days in Dominica

Hello Dear Reader,

Alexis, the PAYS boat guy has just taken Brad and Kim off in his pirogue to taxi to the airport. They will have a short, fun flight to Antigua to overnight in preparation for their flight home to Calgary tomorrow. We have had a terrific time with them. They are VERY easy to cruise with.

Our 20 mile trip down from Les Saintes was great in the beginning. But then we lost all our wind for a few minutes and when it started back in it was 30 degrees off what it had been. That meant motor sailing the last half... which was fine because our batteries enjoyed the boost.

Alexis met us and brought us in to our mooring buoy and we settled in for a celebratory beer. Within minutes Edison from PAYS was alongside to sell us tickets for the Wednesday night PAYS BBQ. So after a quiet afternoon we got all dressed up (NOT) and went in for PAYS Rum Punch (which is lots of Rum and a big punch) and a chicken and fish (except there was no fish) BBQ with all the usual side dishes. Of course the evening ended with crazy dancing in the sand. Kim taught us all to dance like Elaine.

Watching sunsets
During our pre-BBQ beer we met Fabian the dive master who suggested that he could be available for a dive the next day and so...

The next day Brad pushed off at about 9. The rest of us sat on the boat reading and keeping busy. After 3 or 4 hours the dive boat returned. Kim saw Brad standing up and said, "Oh good. He still has both his legs." No shark bite. Turns out, he had a great couple of dives and has the photos to prove it.

AquaMan with his Lion Fish

Poisonous fins removed - great for fish tacos

Bobbin'. With fish nibbling at their toes.
Alexis arranged for an Island tour the next day. Tour driver Winston took us all around the island to see various sites, check out the Maria hurricane damage and have a cool dip under a waterfall. Great day!

Winston with a coconut... or something

Winston's house. He endured Maria inside... in a barrel.

Winston... papaya

Maria damage

Lunch beers with my buddy

What kind of rum do you want? Obama?

Mmmmmmm lunch
Washing our hair

Cute couple by a waterfall
Today we walked up to Fort Shirley and had the grand tour... up to the gun batteries, to the Douglas Battery and the fort itself.

Half way to the top

We could make this work...

Back at the fort
Careful that thing doesn't go off!

Guarding Prince Rupert Bay

Last swim
Brad and Kim have tasted Dominica.  Enough that they may want to come back again?

We hope!!


  1. We hear Dominica is always a favorite and that it's a place we should spend some time. I see why, sounds wonderful.

  2. We are coming down and there is NO rest for you two! The sunset photo is Spectacular!!

  3. Very nice sunset shots. cool views from less saints. Warmer than Florida, you're lucky.

  4. We will definitely want to come back again! Thanks again for an amazing trip!


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