Monday, February 13, 2017

The Curious Case of the Naked French Boat

So... we are doing the things that one normally does in Dominica. We go on hikes, although not as frequently as our crazy-hiking boat neighbours. Some of these guys are going on a cross-island trek every day. We go to beach barbeques, drink too much rum punch and then dance like fools.

We've grown quite close to our neighbours, Nigel and Mike. They anchored right beside us... and they are really quite close... about a boat length.

PAYS BBQ with Mike and Nigel - the rum punch is lethal

Pigmy Cannon

Very attractive couple on the bluff overlooking Prince Rupert Bay

Wondering if we can load and fire it.

We've also been trying to do some boat maintenance. Keeping up with the stainless is an endless job. We should try to do just one little bit every day but we don't and then things get out of control. We are also trying to get coats of varnish on between rain showers. That is proving to be challenging!

Ack! Must clean it today... or tomorrow...

Varnish artist
Just after we got here a little boat came in with some combination of young men and women. We've never actually figured out who belongs on the boat and/or if some of them are just visiting. They spend a lot of time naked. We spotted one young man out in their kayak heading between boats and along the shore naked as the day he was born. Pam got a rash in her eyes from overuse of the binoculars. She tells me he is quite fit and has large hands. Same with the girls. They sit in the cockpit of their little boat erasing all evidence of tan lines.

This all became blog-worthy a couple of days ago when one of the Portsmouth Association of Yacht Security (PAYS) boat boys came out to their boat and took some combination of boy(s) and girl(s) to shore. A short time later the boat boy returned with one girl on board. We watched as he more-or-less flung her up onto their boat. It was as if she was drunk or comatose. It looked a little weird. Well, weird it was. After the boat boy left she began to wander around the deck of her little boat. At various times she was singing, laughing, crying and moaning. We were quite worried that she was either drunk or on some crazy-ass drug and might hurt herself. So along with a couple other nearby boats we just watched. She took off all her clothes and then started waving at people as they went past in their dinghies. At one stage she had a machete and was flinging it about as if she were a pirate. Then she hurled it in the water.

Finally, after an unsavory looking guy paddled up to her boat, a couple of PAYS boats came out and wrestled her into some clothes and took her away. The police got involved and hopefully found her some help. A couple of days later, two or three of them came out to the boat with a PAYS guy but they were only aboard for a moment - maybe to get passports??? - but other than that we haven't seen them since.

So there the little naked boat sits. We have drawn up several scenarios. Might be the basis of our first novel. Don't know what happens next.

Naked French boat

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