Thursday, February 23, 2017

Poised to Leap to St. Lucia

We love France. Everyone speaks French! Wow! Who knew?

Goodbye St. Pierre from our kitchen window.
The grocery stores are awesome. There are public mooring buoys available in many places - not really sure about reserving them with a surf board or an oil container while you are away for days, though. That doesn't seem right. Transportation is good. And there is internet to be found.

Kids in a pre-Carnival parade

Fort de France - from the ferry across the bay from Anse Mitan

A savory crepe - !!! Yay.

Busy street in downtown FDF

Library in FDF near the huge public square

Ferry dock

Our ferry

Pay attention dolphins? Not sure about this one.
But we've got stronger beer - in Canada
WindSwept Dreams and Blue Pearl on the ferry in FDF
So we spent a couple of days in St. Pierre described in our last post. Then a couple of days in Anse Mitan... just across the bay from Fort De France... and here we are now in St.  Anne at the south-east corner of Martinique. There are hundreds of boats here... like the Georgetown of Martinique. Big community with a morning net and, unlike Georgetown (Bahamas) there are services and supplies

We are waiting for good weather to cross to St.  Lucia... a short hop of only 20 miles or so. Probably head out in a couple of days after a few more crepes and Ti-Punches.

We've had weird weather with the wind doing all sorts of crazy things. And the big event was a carwash-style downpour after our washing-machine-sail down from Anse Mitan. So, even though it was a bit concerning at the time - never seen anything like it - the boat got a great rinse and our anchor held.

All good.

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  1. Looks fantastic there. Woke up to snow this morning. Don't rush back.


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