Monday, February 6, 2017


I'm sorry. I've been very neglectful of this blog. Too much fun? Too much rum?

Anyway, here we are in Dominica.

We left Antigua a week ago after lolly-gagging around with Quest (Sid and Cate,) Aurora (Harry and Marijke and WindSwept Dreams (Ed and Ann.)

It is hard to entertain more than 6 on the boat at once so we have arranged for several beach meetings. Fun to talk to a whole bunch of people who like the same things as us.

Island Packets in Five Islands Bay, Antigua

Beach party!

Who brought the meatballs?

Mr. Bo Jangles and his buddy
Home, Sid!

Our sail from Antigua was spectacularly uneventful - BUT WE DIDN'T CATCH A MAHI. What the hell?! We always catch a mahi in that stretch. I don't know what Pam was doing wrong.

WindSwept Dreams under sail to Deshaies - another IP38 just like Blue Pearl!
Master and Commander
It is cool getting to Deshaies... very french. Good thing I am fluent in French. We bought some French beer, went to French restaurants, wandered around the French grocery stores buying French wine and cheeses and listened to wonderful French music drifting from the restaurants. So nice!

I had the fish

Pam had the marlin brochettes

Breakfast on Blue Pearl

Snorkelers at Pigeon Island

Checking the anchor

Catching a rainbow
Deshaies to Les Saintes is easy-peasy for the first 12 miles. The last 7 is a bitch. It's like being in a washing machine. I hate it. Need to figure out a way to avoid that - without selling the boat, Pam.

Lunch in a cute Les Saintes restaurant 
Heard it was snowing at home?!

Our weather window for Dominica was yesterday. After that, the winds are getting up and it will be no fun out there. So off we went. Our sail down was great, averaging more than 6 knots. For the most part the waves were 3 to 4 feet but in some sections they were up to 8 feet. They were nicely spaced out so we didn't do any crashing and smashing.

Of all the places we've been with Blue Pearl I think Dominica is my favourite. Just like all of the other islands, there are tons of things to do and great things to see. The best part of it is that the people who make money from cruisers like us don't beg and hassle you. They are organized and have a code of conduct that they follow. They patrol the harbour at night so we feel very secure at anchor. They will arrange to get your clothes washed, take you on tours, deliver food and ice, help you with anchoring and more. All for a fee but you really don't mind paying a reasonable amount for good service.

Love Dominica!

First day... hike looking for a thermal pool. Never found it!
We were sitting in some shade waiting for friends and a local guy said to Pam, "Where are you from?" She said Vancouver - which we always start with before narrowing it down to Abbotsford. He said, "I'm from White Rock." Turns out he was born here and spends 6 months up there and 6 months down here. And, on top of that, apparently his kids go to school in Abbotsford. So we are all over that. Going to see if any of our school friends know them.

Small world!


  1. About time. Sitting here in the northeast gale, well below zero, and surrounded by snow. I've been waiting to live vicariously through the journeys of the Blue Pearl. Loved the pic of WindSwept Dreams under sail to Deshaies. Hopefully you have the equivalent pic of the Pearl.


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