Thursday, February 16, 2017

Best Bus ride... Ever!

We had a fun day on Tuesday.

Friends told us about the Chaudiere Pools. Ed and Ann had already been there but wanted a hike. So off we went. Got on the bus in town and rode it for about 40 minutes across the island. At each stop, Ann asked the driver if this was our stop. Got to be kind of fun by the time we finally got there.

Full bus

End of the ride, start of the hike.



Only another 10 to 20 minutes
The hike into the pools is not insignificant. It was very hot, not much breeze and we are not in Saskatchewan. Either you are going uphill big-time or downhill big-time. So it was a great relief to get there after an hour long hot, hilly hike.

But the pools are terrific. You can jump into the 10 meter deep pools from the cliffs on the side - also about 10 meters or you can jump in off the ledge about 20 centimeters. Ed had no problem making the big jump. Ann took a bit of time to screw up her determination to jump... but she did! Me? Not on your life. It took me forever to work up the courage to jump the 20 centimeters. Pam just snorted.


Water nymphs
Since the hike in was up and down... so was the hike out. So we arrived, tired, hot and sweaty at the store near the bus stop. We ran into Phillip - a character we had met earlier who actually has a house in Whiterock near home - and he spent a half hour entertaining us while we waited for the bus.

Waiting for the bus

Phillip telling us how to behave in Dominica
When the bus arrived it was full of school kids and there clearly wasn't room for us... except the bus driver wanted the fares so after a bit of re-arranging we set off with a bus of school kids.

I told the kids that I was a teacher and that they should all be quiet. That drew a bit of laughter and before too long, the class clown piped up about something. I started singing, "The Wheels on the Bus" and they all burst out in great voice. They never stopped singing all the way back to Portsmouth. They were amazing. What a great bus trip!!

So cute
And can they ever sing!!!

More news soon!

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