Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nous Revenons à France - "We return to France"

Our last night in Portsmouth was great fun and quite emotional. We have strengthened the bond we feel for our PAYS pals, Jeffry, Alexis and Eddison and all the rest of them. They do a great job. I wish their system of supporting cruisers would catch on in other places. Plus, we made a lot of friends we'll keep for life (a line from Jerry Jeff Walker - Cowboy Boots and Bathing Suits!!!) It was hard to leave.

After our hike to the Chaudiere Pools we attended a jam session organized by Crazy Jim from Ullr - also an Island Packet 38. Heard from some amazing players and, as usual, I became quite the star after several rums. Got better as the evening wore on, as usual. Best part was playing with my new best friend, Lilly from "Slice of Life." They have a great story and you can find out more about it here. Mike, Kylie and their kids, Lilly and Sebastian are in the middle of a great adventure. Lovely family!!!

Lilly the ukelelier

Me and Lilly McGee
Our motorsail down to Roseau was uneventful... except that just as we pulled anchor we spotted a fishing boat full of lobster. We thought it was $15 EC per pound but it turned out to be $25. Never mind... we grabbed two little ones for supper later that day after we secured in Roseau. Yummm. Not sure if we love lobster or just drinking garlic butter.

That's a beauty - we'll take it!

Nice Boat!!! Blue Pearl in the evening sun at Roseau
Had a great sail from Roseau to St. Pierre. At one time during the trip the winds fell off completely - weird - but other than that we raced down doing an average of 6 something. Just off the south coast of Dominica we spotted a whale. Can't be sure what kind exactly. We'll know more once we've finished with the carcass. Just kidding. We didn't kill the whale. Pam wanted to harpoon it but our harpoon is out for sharpening! Pictures show a bunch of waves that don't look at all like whales... so no pictures. For the rest of the way we spotted 28 more waves that looked like whales.

We are relaxing in St. Pierre. Having been here before we are not rushing around, hiking and exploring. Had some beers at Le Reservoir (using their internet.) But going to the market was great as was the lunch at Restaurant "La Vague"... something like that.

View from Blue Pearl
Pelee with no clouds - devastation a century ago
Just off our bow - weak internet but serviceable!
Saturday market
Must be something we need!

Onto Anse Matin tomorrow.


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