Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marina Queens

We are becoming Marina Queens... folks that have a boat but don't get out of the marina.
Tied up
What!!! Another Blue Pearl
After dropping John and Jan we decided to stay an extra day to get groceries and stuff.  Then Glen got involved in varnishing and that added a day.  Now we hear that Glenn and Sylvie on Gemma's Inspiration are coming in to the marina today so we've extended our stay so we can have a beer with them.  We've got all kinds of rationalizations but eventually we are going to have to unplug the yellow dock line and head out into one of the bays on the south of the island.

We are looking at moving to Mt. Hartman Bay tomorrow.  We know a couple of boats who have over-summered there and they seem to enjoy it.  A new place to explore!

The Carenage in St. Georges.  I guess they used to careen boats here?
Fort George - Where the 1983 coup took place


  1. Hey Glen, who backed the boat in for you? Did you talk to the people aboard the other Blue Pearl?

  2. Needed a couple of tugboats and some really long lines. The other Blue Pearl folks are really nice. Enjoyed having a glass of wine with them.


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