Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tobago Cays

Weird.  We haven't had internet for days and then way off in the Tobago Cays we picked up a stray signal.  Time for another report.

We've had a great shake-down cruise with John and Jan.  There was hardly any wind at all on the trip up to Tyrell Bay so we motored.  Felt good to charge the batteries.

At Tyrell Bay Jan and John took off for a great morning walk and checked out the area.  We bought 2 bottles of white wine from boat-boy Simon at a premium just to keep him happy.  Cleared out from the new Customs Office and set sail for Sandy Island - after learning that our windlass battery doesn't have the ooomph to turn the windlass.  So John and Glen got to raise anchor the old fashioned way.

Pam making breakfast... mangos, golden apples, oranges and baguettes with butter and jam
At Sandy Island, we ran into Harry, our travelling companion from two years ago.  He is doing charters down here now so he knows the area very well.  We got some tips from him for our "must do" stops.  Sandy Island is beautiful... it will be on our agenda for other guests.

John liming under a coconut tree on Sandy Island
Clearing in at Clifton was easy... but more expensive that we remembered.  It costs 45 EC per person ($14US) so that put a small hole in our Grande Heffe wallet.  The Grande Heffe (Big Boss) wallet is carried by someone and is a good way to share expenses.  When the wallet is empty, we all ante up and start spending again.  Glen orders champagne at most bars.

Saltwhistle Bay is only 3 miles from Clifton so we didn't get much of a charge on the batteries.  Again, John and Jan swam ashore and took their own little island tour while Glen stayed on the boat to properly worry about the dead windlass battery.  It's weird.  The volt meter says 12.75 but it just won't turn the windlass unless the house bank is piggy-backed in.

The Tobago Cays are spectacular.  It was quite windy so we didn't explore as much as we might have, but we got to shore, snorkelled with the turtles saw a piddly 20 inch shark and stayed cool in the crystal clear water.

Jan and Pam fitting chaps on Murphy the dingy
After a leisurely breakfast this morning, we took off for Mayreau again, this time Saline Bay.  We walked to the top to take in the view and then rehydrated at several bars on the way back down.  We picked up a giant lobster (about 6 pounds) for $100 EC - we think we made the fisherman's day.  Our little tour kicked the snot out of the Heffe wallet. 

Cruisin' down to Mayreau

Chillin' at the Rasta Bar after our view hike on Mayreau

Lunch at Dennis'

Larry the lobster is dinner tonight!


  1. Saw you folks in Saline Bay on our way by, we waved. Enjoy. We will be here in Bequia one more day then moving on North to St Lucia for a few days.

  2. We were watching for you... not too well obviously. Safe travels!


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