Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh No!!!

Dear Reader... we have suffered a major setback.  Blue Pearl still floats and the sun still rises but alas, with a puff of smoke, Glen's computer has died.  No more easy editing, photo uploading, no access to old files - nothing.

So this is a new and exciting experience, writing a post on Pam's iPad.  We'll see how that goes.  We are hoping that the MacBook Pro only needs a new "DC-In" board and will be back in service again soon.
The culprit

Pam crocheting a new computer
Glen making conch (lambi) salad
The dinghy concert was a great hit.  We got some good photos which we will come back and insert around here when we have the wherewithall.  In the meantime, you can watch a great video here...


  1. Happy Birthday Big Brother!! I sure hope Pam gets your new computer crocheted in time - it's your birthday present, right?? Mine's in the mail, hope you like it ;-) (not really, there's nothing in the mail) but I do wish you a fabulous day, and year, and I bet you're going to have both! Lotsa Love from a wet and windy Vancouver Island ;)

  2. Hey - maybe Pam can knit me a new puter too??? :)
    Patti A. (Kolibrie)


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