Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Big jobs done, enjoying some downtime!

We actually have had some time for swims and a few G & Ts.  We are getting to the end of our "start-up" tasks and the boat actually looks like it is supposed to.

The sails are on, the canvas is up, all systems are working! It has stopped raining so now it is just hellish hot.  The locals tell us that it will cool down soon.

One of our new toys is a Roku wireless streaming device that allows us to watch stuff like Downton Abbey on our boat TV so we are feeling quite decadent.  What the #%$* is the deal with Matthew?  OMG!

Our daughters have been contacting us via google-chat and putting our grandchildren onscreen so we are feeling well connected.  It's all good.

We dinghied over to Woburn and walked up to the Little Dipper restaurant - run by Joan, the wife of Roc, our taxi driver.  Pam had the lambi (conch), Glen had the lobster.  The lobster cost more than twice as much as the lambi and was half as good.  Live and learn.
View from the Little Dipper - out to Hog Island

Ackee tree - fruit is poisonous until it ripens and opens up
There is a big dinghy concert happening here at Le Phare Bleu on Wednesday so we are indulging ourselves for an extra few days of dockside power, AC and swimming pool so we can be here for the big event.

The next day we will head out for a week at anchor.  God, that is going to be hot.   We will have to spend the day in the water like hippopotomi.  Then we strike out to Port Louis Marina in St. Georges to pick up John and Jan for their "3 hour tour" of the Grenadines and the Tobago Keys.
Staying cool!


  1. First snowfall back here and while it's cold here - looking at you guys there - I'm feeling warm already... :) It looks glorious! Reviewing/going over your blog LOL
    Sending hugs Patti (Kolibrie)

  2. Can't wait to get back in the Caribbean and head to Grenada. Looking forward to the explorations on the way there!


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