Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lounging on Blue Pearl

Here we are, lounging about on the boat, swimming, drinking gin and tonics and enjoying the warm island breezes of Grenada.


That would be nice, but…  after waiting until Monday afternoon to be launched it was too late to do the five mile run down to Le Phare Bleu Marina so we tied up to a mooring ball and bounced around all night.  Too rainy to open up the cabin so we just sweated in the heat.

On Tuesday we made a rolly run down to the marina, Pam kissed the dock when we arrived and asked for the phone number of our yacht broker and divorce lawyer.  We plugged in the AC and had a great nap.  Over the last two days we have:
- installed 6 new marine batteries
- repaired some electronics
- unpacked the 2 bags of bits and pieces brought down with us
- installed the solar panels
- set up the bimini and dodger
- launched the dinghy
- arranged for repairs to some rigging
- huddled away from the rain and heat in the shelter of Blue Pearl

We've eaten all the noodle soups in the small mini-mart in the marina.  They sell rum - that's good, wine, tonic to go with last year's gin, Spam, and homemade bread - which is terrific.  Tomorrow we have a taxi coming. We plan to get groceries, buy more boat parts and recharge our propane bottles so we can eat something other than restaurant food and ramen noodles.

On the weekend we will put up the sails and do a million small jobs to get the boat... well... shipshape.

Another 3 or 4 days and we will be… lounging about on the boat, swimming, drinking gin and tonics and enjoying the warm island breezes.

Had to ask this guy to leave

All this crap has to go somewhere

Getting ready to launch

And... in we go!
Installing batteries... no sparks!


  1. OMG but its a ton of work launching and getting DA boat back up to speed.I feel your pain and we are next in line for the same!

  2. Funny how AC wasn't even on the list of requirements when you were looking at boats... Now it's the first thing you get going before you can even think about getting any other jobs done!


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