Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Why, hello there. Thanks for staying with us through the season. We are on our way home to loved ones.

Finished up our preliminary "put-away" details at Stuart. Took the sails down, found places for everything, got rid of a few "treasures?" that we've been hauling around and generally tidied up.

Mainsail on the deck

Lunch in the park on our last day - Conch salad and conch fitters!

Then we travelled up the St. Lucie River, past the lock and into Indiantown. The weather has been interesting; lots of afternoon thunder and lightning storms that make for nervous glances at the sky. A couple of nights ago we watched a boat 2 over get struck by lightning... and we were sad for them but happy it wan't us!

Captain Chaos without Otto the autopilot

One of many bridges

Into the lock

Ready to float up 14 feet

Lots of company in the lock

Tied up, ready to haul

Worked with Captain Dennis to get Blue Pearl a new insurance survey and to source a hard-to-find part. Also connected us with some services that we will need to put Blue Pearl into pristeen condition for next year. 

Boat Whisperers Alex and Jesse guiding us in

And off to our perfect spot on the hard

So this has been a journey. Saying goodbye to the Caribbean and looking forward to... not sure what! The boat is secure and in a good place. Looking forward to whatever comes.

And we are so excited to get home tomorrow!

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