Sunday, April 9, 2023

Off the the Exumas

 Well Faithful Follower!

How things have changed!

Crew left April 5 - off to appointments and travel plans.

Off to George Town

With my spanking new heat exchanger I left Clarence Town and headed 40 miles to the top of Long Island. I was headed for Calibash Bay but I could see that many boats had the same idea so I opted for a little spot that I had all to myself. Watched the stars and the moon and had a lovely evening. 

Columbus Statue - sorry about the syphilus

I was a little unsettled in the morning when the engine coughed a little before starting. That is a sign the water is leaking into the cylinders while it is not running - a very bad thing. Maybe Les wasn't able to be a 5 star problem fixer this time? 

Got the engine running and headed out to George Town and motor-sailed into Monument Beach. There were almost 400 boats there last week and nearly 300 when I arrived. The morning radio net speaks to a myriad of activities going on and ways to find parts and fix your boat.

Lotsa boats!

I left for Emerald Bay Marina, 10 miles north to pick up veteran sailor and all-round great person to be with, Pam. The trip up was glitchful and horrible, making me think that we might be here for a long time, waiting for service and parts.

Just before Pam left to catch her flight I told her that this might be a bit of a challenge and she responded, "See you tomorrow!" So that's that. 

On her flight down she took some photos...

Sunrise in Toronto

Warderick Wells

In the marina, I've been able to solve some problems and this morning, before she arrived I might have rounded a corner. 

So sitting waiting for her to arrive for more than an hour in a rocking chair at the marina. Kinda fell asleep a bit. Then, she walked by me - had been on the boat for half an hour with a cold one. She could have said, "Hey sailor, Buy me a drink?" Instead she said, "Where the hell were you?"

So here we are - ready to head north to Stuart!

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  1. Sorry for the continued boat troubles but glad you have your trusted first mate with you now. Pam's pic of Warderick Wells is fabulous.


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