Friday, February 17, 2023

Sopers Hole

Hello Family and Friends!

Experimenting with ideas, we decided to try a different overnighter from SXM to the BVI. I like sailing in the day more than at night so we waited until 2AM before we left. Sun comes up just after 6 so only a few hours in the dark. We didn't go as fast this time so we didn't arrive until 5PM. Just in time to clear in, have a shower, make some dinner and go to bed. The alternative was to leave at dusk and get in at noon - and we saw folks leave the anchorage at 6ish so assuming that was their plan. But that means you spend many more hours in the dark. In the end you get to the same place. Will have to think on that strategy.

On the way we spent the better part of an hour watching our friendly dolphin pod put on a display! There were 10 to 20 of them - all small - and they kept cycling around for more antics!

We ended up on a mooring ball in Sopers Hole and had a lovely rest.

Sopers Hole

Our chariot - Murphy - awaits

The main sail is attached to the mast at 10 or 12 points. During the day we saw that several of those points had come loose. When we got in and dropped the sail, several more of the points came away from the mast. It turns out that our sail track is compromised and needs attention.

Broken track

So we've had lots of interaction with experts and have arranged to have some repair work done in Puerto Rico. Luckily, our path to PR is downwind so our massive jib will get the job done adequately.

When we arrived here 10 years ago, our kids had arranged for a 60th birthday surprise at the Pussers Store.... a case of Pussers Rum. Well a couple of hurricanes and a lot of inflation later we went to replenish our stock. The price has doubled... and they don't have any. So we hunted around to a small store up the creek - and found a few bottles so we are good there.

We are checking out tomorrow (Saturday) for a Sunday departure. We'll run over to Norman Island (aka Treasure Island) to meet Blair and Sharon and their friends on their charter. Leave the next morning for Culebra and a plate of ribs at the Dinghy Dock!

We'll leave the boat in PR for a couple of weeks to spend some time at home with family. During that time our repairs will be done so that when I return in a couple of weeks with friends we can sail the boat back to Florida.

So that's that for now!



  1. The video doesn't work! I want to see dolphins!

  2. The video doesn't work! I want to see dolphins!

  3. Glad to see The Dolphins gave you a fun time!! Exciting to watch! See you at home!!!!


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