Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Grande Case

Clearing in appeared to be challenging which surprised us, considering that clearance in the French islands has always been a cake-walk. However, even though the guide books and the interwebs didn't help much, as soon as we walked into the local Island Waterworld we were fine. There was a little, lonely computer off to the side, enter your info, pay them 2 euro and you're done.

Clearing in

Then the fun began. The Super-U grocery store! The selection is enormous, the prices are fantastic and you fondly remember your grade-nine French teacher. Never would have thought!

I love anchovies. Once, a long time ago in a market in Bath we happened upon a deli and the guy was promoting anchovies. He offered me one and said, "I like to chase them down with a shot of ice cold vodka." Well I don't know about the vodka but ever since that time I've been searching for anchovies in oil and vinegar. We've never seen them at home but we can usually find them in the French islands. And did we ever at the Super-U (pronouced Supare Ooh.) A skinny little packet for 6.99 euro but this mega pack for only 14.99 euro. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with anchovies, lunch was an anchovie snack before lunch in town and dinner was anchovie pizza. 


Lunch choices

Anchovie Pizza ingredients


Knot meter wasn't working so I had to pull it out to check the paddlewheel that spins in the water. When the boat is on the hard it's no big deal but in the water it's terrifying. Water pours in like a fire hose while you fiddle with this plug. It shouldn't be a big deal but I have visions of dropping the plug and then having to abandon ship while it sinks because of my incompetence. Anyway, it went smoothly, I didn't sink the boat and even though the paddle wheel is spinning free, it still doesn't work. Grrrr.

Knot meter plug

So we'll hang around here shopping and eating for a few more days and wait for good weather to head west to the BVI. Sharon and Blair are chartering there later this month and we hope to cross paths with them. 

Then we will saunter over to Puerto Rico where Pam will head home to catch up with the kids. I hope to carry on to the Bahamas and then north to Florida in April where we will store the boat over the summer.

Want to join me?

And so it goes.


  1. We’d starve on your boat… don’t like anchovies! Lunch choices look amazing… lobster and of course anchovies!! Enjoy!

  2. So glad that your adventure North is going well so far! Hope someone makes it South to join you for the cross to Florida. Stay safe, and enjoy the journey!

  3. Bon voyage mon capitaine!

  4. Les homards 🦞 délicieux 🤤 René


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