Sunday, April 10, 2022

Hanging Around for a While

Dear Reader,

Sorry to leave you hanging but we weren't sure what we were going to do and when we decided, we had no internet. 


So much to Pam's delight, we are going to shove off to Jolly Harbour tomorrow morning. We've borrowed North Sound mechanic and wonderman Jay's battery to get the engine started. Then I will disconnect the battery and run it in to Jay in our leaky dinghy since he doesn't want to sell it to me.  Head over to Jolly and connect up to shore power and try to supercharge these damaged batteries.

In the meantime, Pam is enjoying our time cruising the Caribbean. Eat your heart out!!!

Livin' the Life!

Can this party get any better?

So we bought a few groceries and dropped off the rental car. Getting ready to spend some time at the dock at Jolly Harbour. 

We will contact Seagull Inflatables to see about getting our leaky dinghy fixed and get them to do the service on the "new" motor we bought just before Covid.

Works! But leaks. Dang.

Also, continue our restoration of the beautiful teak caprails and cockpit combing that were damaged over the past few years. We've got a myriad of chores for Pam to do so all is not lost. 

But we have also started to investigate flights home a little earlier than planned. Maybe 6 weeks on a broken boat in the Caribbean is not the southern vacation that we anticipated.

Gourmet Dining

Talk soon!

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