Thursday, April 14, 2022

Fixing Things and Socializing at Jolly Harbour

Hello Friends and Family,

So here we are at Jolly Harbour. As long as we don't unhook the yellow dockline (power cord) we are happy campers.

We (Pam mostly) have tackled the teak with a vengance. And we're pretty impressed with the results. So we won't strip it all back to bare wood but the repairs are blending in nicely.


...compared with this

Friends told us that the manager of Jolly Harbour was an Abbotsford lady and it turns out that Jo Lucas from Yarrow is, indeed the manager of JH. So we had a nice chat with her and hopefully she remembers her roots when she tallies our final invoice.

Jolly Harbour Office

Pam sent postcards off to the grandkids so hopefully they will get them before they graduate from school.

Antigua Postal

New friends Graham and Julie down the dock on a 47 foot Island Packet are working on their teak and hosted us for drinks the other night. They have all the latest bells and whistles and batteries so I'm pumping them for intel on how to repower Blue Pearl.

Next door, Richard, Brigitte and son Andrew are at the dock to send poor Andrew back to his teaching job in central London. Richard was in Vancouver back in the 70s with his London school on a rugby tour and speaks fondly of his time in the area.

And Dave and Willina just sold their float home in Maple Bay, BC. They got caught at the beginning of Covid in Grenada and decided to stay at the rental property of a friend. They ended up buying a sailboat and are starting their Caribbean adventure on "Against the Wind."

So there's lots of jobs to be done and nice folks to spend time with. 

Blue Pearl after our sunset walk to the beach

We'll talk soon!

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