Tuesday, April 19, 2022


So, like a restorer of medieval paintings, Pam is slowly bringing back our teak to Blue Pearl standards. We get up every day, have our coffee, make our teak plans and get to work. 

Local fruit

Teak break at lunch with beer and then a solid nap.

4 coats

Replacing teak plugs

Various chores after lunch. Gin and tonics around 5. Reading, dinner and a sound sleep at 9 or 10 until 7 the next day. The boat is beginning to come back to life and take her proper shape after 2 and a half years of neglect.

Mmmmmm. Pork chops!!!

I learned today that the automotic switch for the bilge pump is not working the way it is supposed to. Uggggh. I hate the bilge pump. And I blame Bob Johnson, the designer of this boat. He designed wonderful boats with interesting weirdnesses that result in our love/hate relationship with him. Arghhhhhh.

Water pump is acting up. Won't stop running. I think it is drawing in air from a degraded pick-up tube in the tank. Need a metal fabricator for that... and he's too busy to fix it during our last few days down here.

Ailsa left the dock today. Graham and Julie are Canadian sailors with pretty incredible credentials. They've had several boats and sailed all over the world with them. Sold their Amel after sailing it from France to New Zealand. So now they are on their beautiful IP 465 getting ready to do another left after the Panama Canal. They have more energy and water than they need so I've suggested following them with a gardening hose and a charging cable. Hoping to see them at home this summer.


Julie and Graham

Had dinner with Brigitte, Richard and Andrew. Richard and Brigitte spend 3 months a year down here on Cloud 9. Family join them for short visits. Kinda like us!

Dinner at Miracles

And off to Guadeloupe they go

Switching gears...

We were interested in the boat next door, Artemis. Very quiet. No one aboard. Quite a different design. And then a day or so ago we saw some activity. 

So we googled the name. And this is what we learned. 

Dock neighbours were chatting with Tom so we wandered over and introduced ourselves. Mentioned Vancouver, then Abbotsford and noticed Hannah running out to the deck. Turns out, she's from the Wack - Chilliwack to the uninformed. 

We are urgenty searching for that common connection... doctors, teachers, but haven't found it yet. We will annoy them with our proximity over the next few days while we are here. I wonder if they've got any interesting beer? Good craft beer in the "Wack. Lovely for us to get to know them. Drinks tomorrow night.

Such a small world. So many great folks!

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