Monday, April 25, 2022

End of Our Blue Pearl Covid Rescue Trip

 Hello Dear Reader,

This is likely our last post for this trip. We've accomplished a lot, but there still more problems to solve before the beautiful Blue Pearl is ready for more travelling adventures.

We've added new anchor chain. Restored teak. And we are experimenting with caprail protective tape to try to avoid exposure to the sun. 

Protecting the teak?

We've replaced many teak plugs that cover screws that hold us together.  Received and installed repaired canvas from Just Canvas Janni. We installed a navigation computer that I did some repair work on at home. Seems to be working. We received our new boarding ladder but did not install yet - rust!!! 

We've removed the staysail boom. Will experiment sailing with a boomless rig. 

Where's the boom?

There it is!!!

Threw out years of accumulated broken bits and extra unnecessary spares/parts. The dinghy had a furious leak so we sent it out for repair to Seagull. Delivery to NS once we haul. We had the yard do our bottom paint. Tested but did not use Air Con. 

And importanty... clean, clean, clean. Thank you Pam.

Tom and Hannah on Artemis left yesterday. So glad we crossed paths with them. Looking forward to following them on their adventures south.

Table Grazing - Amazing!

Artemis' Continuing Adventure

Covid/Blue Pearl saved the best trick for last. We prepared for lunch on the day before our haul. Hot dogs for lunch and then Pam was going to cook up some meals to have during the last days - but we are out of propane. it has all leaked away. The propane system was partially repaired and we were full of propane. A fitting that could not be sourced locally had to be cleaned and used and we assumed that all was well. But it wasn't.

Turns out you can boil a hot dog in an electric kettle. 

No Cold HotDogs for You!!!

And then, we borrowed a tank from Brian on Pyxis, cooked up our last meals to have cold during and after the haulout. We are taking some gudgeons and pintels (look it up) back to Canada for machining so I didn't mind asking for a favour.

Delicious curry dinner. Thanks Brian!

So we will motor from here in the morning and haul at North Sound. Talked to the manager her, Jo Lucas who coincidentally used to live right next door to us in Abbotsford. The first dockmaster arrives at 7 AM so we should be on our way by 7:30. Hauling at 10:30 and flying home the next day. Just like that.
Solved a lot of problems. Met some really interesting folks and had some fun evenings. 

Looking forward to further adventures in the fall.

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