Saturday, November 5, 2016

Not in Kansas!

Pammy, I've a feeling we're not in Abbotsford anymore!

At the Apple Farm

Cycling and 'wine'ing in Kelowna

Celebrating the life of the one and only Uncle Bob

Wow it's hot!!! Holy crap!!! Raining off and on just like at home but 35 degrees and HUMID!

Nice solar panels... no canvas, yet.


We made careful preparations to have our new bottom paint, sails, solar panels and other new toys shipped so they would be here when we arrived last Sunday. However, nothing was here when we got here so we had them throw us in the water - no new bottom paint, no solar... you get the picture. BUT, when we are in the water we can turn the fridge on so we have cold beer and tied to a dock with 110 power we have air-conditioning! North Sound Marine folks are the best! Thanks team!

So in we go!

Walking the plank to install new davit lines.

Yes... of course I can splice a line!

With the help of You-Tube

Lots of stuff going on here!

Ed (Windswept Dreams) helping with the new genoa. I think he stretched it.
New genoa finally arrived yesterday so we threw it up right away and then threw up because it doesn't fit. Damn. Too long. So we are in the middle of trouble-shooting and looking for solutions.

Jen and the kids are coming down for a couple of weeks so we can motor around to different places with nice beaches and breezes. Oh, wait a minute... is that a crack in the thermostat housing? Coolant leaking all over? So... after urgent connections with Jen and after getting her to drive all over Vancouver today she managed to find parts to bring down on Sunday... so we can start our adventure on Monday after new parts are installed.

This all will pass and life will be lovely.

We plan to enjoy our grandkids for the next 2 weeks, showing them around Antigua and then the last 3 or 4 days in Montserrat at a VRBO with a pool near a beach.

Should be great!


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