Thursday, April 21, 2016

So That's It Then

We are sitting at home, dipping our toes into our parallel life back here in Abbotsford.  So nice to be here... so lucky to have what we have.

It was a pretty good season with some pretty big adventures. Montserrat and Guadeloupe in November were awesome... our tour of the devastation from the volcano in Montserrat was spectacular.

Our "second period," using a hockey metaphor was up and down. "Up" on our connection with Quest as we traveled down to Dominica together and "Down" when we snapped our chain plates on the leg into Dominica.

The thing of it is, we had a great time in Dominica with our broken wings while we waited for good weather to head back home to Antigua. And we had a great time in Antigua while we figured out how to proceed.

During the second period intermission we replaced the chain plates. The third period brought us time with great friends... showing them all that we love about Antigua.

Bare poles

Water maker at North Sound - 750,000 gallons per day. Installing same one on Blue Pearl next year

Changing out the membranes

To the parking lot

What, here?

Bottom paint great... barnacles on the edges

We'll clean that up!

Murphy the dinghy going into storage - notice the cleaned up prop on Blue Pearl?
Pam reminds me that our year this year was highlighted by exploring new places and connecting with old cruising friends.

I've mentioned Montserrat but we also did some in-depth touring of Guadeloupe, Dominica and explored several new spots on Antigua. We reconnected with Quest, Serenity, Virtue and Vice, Aviva, Windswept Dreams, Aurora and others that I'll remember later. Lovely people enjoying the same passion for sailing around these beautiful Caribbean islands.

So another year of cruising has come to a close. We will spend a spectacular summer with family and friends in glorious Western Canada.  Lots of adventures in the next 6 or 7 months. We are so lucky!

And then... who knows? I wonder what next cruising season will bring?

Until then, Cheerio!


  1. Miss you! Wish we could have had more time together!

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